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Celebrating Juneteenth

What is Juneteenth? 

Known also as African American Independence Day, Jubilee Day, or Freedom Day, Juneteenth is a celebration of the emancipation of enslaved Black people in America.

On June 19, 1865, nearly two years after President Abraham Lincoln emancipated enslaved Africans in America, Union troops arrived in Galveston Bay, Texas, with news of freedom. More than 250,000 African Americans embraced freedom by executive decree in what became known as Juneteenth or Freedom Day. With the principles of self-determination, citizenship, and democracy magnifying their hopes and dreams, those Texans held fast to the promise of true liberty for all. Today, Juneteenth celebrates African American resilience and achievement, while aiding in the preservation of those historical narratives that promoted racial and personal advancement since Freedom Day. In 2021, Juneteenth was established as a federal holiday, opening it to symbolic and global interpretation and providing a better understanding of the evolution of our nation and its people. 

Lighthouse recognized the significance of Juneteenth and added it as a paid holiday in the U.S. As a newer holiday for some of our U.S. and global employees and clients, it was important to leverage one of our employee resource groups, Bridging eDiscovery and Minorities (BEAM) to help celebrate this historically significant holiday. As an employee-led group, BEAM is committed to supporting our communities with charitable giving and also hosts employee events where individuals can share their personal journeys as a way to build empathy, make stronger connections, and learn together. For Juneteenth, BEAM is excited to be featured in upcoming Law & Candor episodes.

Juneteenth and Legal

A Legacy, Celebration, and Future

In 2021, Juneteenth became the first new federal holiday since Martin Luther King Jr. Day was recognized in 1983. It was a significant acknowledgement at the national level, but Juneteenth has had a long and rich history in the African American community as a day of celebration and remembrance—of both the history of emancipation, and the past, present, and future fight for freedom.

In a special release of Law & Candor, we commemorate Juneteenth with guest hosts Duval Miller and Reem Saffouri as they speak to African Americans in the legal space. In episode one, we explore the history of Juneteenth, discuss its significance today, and celebrate the success of African Americans in the legal and legal technology industries. Episode two will highlight the continued work needed to improve equity for African Americans at work, including practical steps organizations and allies can take to advance the cause.


Check Out the Episodes


Episode 1: Juneteenth and Legal: A Legacy, Celebration, and Future

What is the significance of Juneteenth in 2023? Join guest co-hosts Duval Miller and Reem Saffouri as they speak with Ronique Richburg, Manager, Review Management, Review & Advanced Analytics at Lighthouse, about Juneteenth and its importance in 2023. Together they unpack the history of Juneteenth, explore what it means for today’s society, and celebrate the successes of African Americans in the legal and legal technology industries.

Guest: Ronique Richburg, Manager, Review Management, Review & Advanced Analytics


Episode 2: Juneteenth and Legal: The Work for Advancing Equity

June 19 is a day for celebration and a recognition of the continued fight for freedom and equity for African Americans. While progress has been made in recent years, there is still more that organizations in the legal and legal technology industries can invest in to meaningfully affect greater equity. Law & Candor welcomes Oral Pottinger, Partner at Mayer Brown and Stacy Ybarra, Chief Marketing Officer at Lighthouse  to discuss how grassroots campaigns, allyship, equitable pay policies, and executive visibility and sponsorship can contribute to greater equity in the workplace.

Guests: Oral Pottinger, Partner, Mayer Brown; Stacy Ybarra, Chief Marketing Officer, Lighthouse